The Perfect Anniversary Gift

So I want to talk about this weekend and the most incredible anniversary gift anyone will ever give us. First off, you need to meet three people.

Let’s start with Matt and Mo. When we originally entertained the idea of shooting on our wedding anniversary, it had to be the right couple. We knew we’d be giving up an important day and it had to feel right. Well, five minutes into talking, it was sealed – if they’d have us, we’d be there. These are the type of people you want in your life. Kind, loving, generous, positive – and that was all after one meeting. This wouldn’t be “working” on our anniversary, it would be sharing October 1 with two incredible people.

And onto the third person you need to know – DJ Buono. I’ve made a lot of friends in the wedding industry over the past five years and hands down, there is no better person than DJ. He originally MC’ed our wedding back in 2011, and since then he’s been the first name I pass along to anyone looking for a DJ. As Frankie and I have built our business, we’ve managed to cross paths numerous times and for a litany of reasons, they’ve always been my favorite weddings.

So here we are, all together on October 1 on a rainy day not too different from five years earlier. Halfway through the reception DJ hops on the mic and announces to the dance floor that’s its our fifth year anniversary. How five years earlier he was with us then and how we danced to Cheek to Cheek by Frank Sinatra. And then Frankie and I got to do it all again.

We put down our cameras for three minutes and danced together side by side with Matt and Mo while DJ grabbed my camera and stole a few photos. Who gets the opportunity to dance to their first dance song, on their fifth anniversary, with their original DJ behind the booth?? Who gets to work with a couple so selfless they were thinking about us on their wedding day?? I was floored then, and I’ve even more floored reflecting on it now.

It was an absolute surreal moment – a priceless gift that I will never ever forget. Thank you three for making it happen.


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